Jan 23, 2010


the inauguration
of the snowshoes
was a lovely winter jaunt.
we snurkled under boughs and branches.
and up a river bed.

no wildlife (thankfully)
just a winter wonderland.
in the company of swapps.


[winter wonderland]




L. said...

we bought snowshoes for my dad for xmas a few years ago.. He never uses them but we do all the time!! It was a gift for HIM but really for US! Glad you had so much fun breaking them in. ;)

Oh- and we'll be on the UES this time around. Still not sure how I feel about that .....

lexilou said...

So... I just barely wrote it on my blog today.. I am only 8 1/2 weeks... so I'm probably breaking rules by telling people.. but it seemed like everyone knew so I decided not to worry about it anymore!

How are you?! I miss you and I love your blog!!! xoxoxo