Jan 21, 2010


[mark is not an ex.
just a bff. and f and f and f
and this post has nothing to do with him]

just me.
summer 2006.

5 months after tom and i returned from torino with some wonderful memories of a daily tiramisu. and the lbs. to prove it.
to combat the gain, i enrolled in a semester of tennis, stretching, jogging [yes - classes that are on my transcript] and daily sessions at the gym.

  • 126 lbs*
  • 28 miles of running / week
  • 18% body fat
  • 10 hours/week at the gym
(*some of you skinny minnies think 126 sounds like a lot... but it was no small feat for my 5'7'' frame. nicolais, after all, are substantial people)

bruce's classic lyrics come to mind.

"Glory days well they'll pass you by
Glory days in the wink of a young girl's eye
Glory days, glory days"

it's been a LONG time
since i ran 28 miles.
or clocked in that often at the gym.
or weighed 126 lbs.

but tonight marks a milestone.
a physical feat i've not accomplished since that summer '06.

push ups.
to the ground.
and back up.
[no knees]

mr. lybbert is VERY proud.
and so am i.


E.F.G. said...

i think you look gorgeous even if it is at 5 lbs heavier than college. however, i am supportive of your goals and understand wanting to look steamy hot in thailand. good work on the push ups and good luck with the rest of it!

valerie said...

i'm proud
but i always am

Alison said...

i'd have to cut off a leg to weigh 126 again or a least a thy. You look fab.

Stephanie said...

Summer 06 WAS fabulous, and not just because you could run or do those other things you said. I'm very proud of you and that push up.