Jan 27, 2010

at the threshold...


we share an old house with no insulation with another family.
who i'm sure have redeeming qualities.

but their boys SCREAM all day long. starting at 6:30 am.
this is NO exaggeration.
i mean TOP OF YOUR LUNGS, voice gone horse, blood-curdling, shrill screaming and yelling.
without a word of concern from their parents.

we've kindly expressed how loud it is for us.
to no avail.

and this morning, i'm losing it.

don't get me wrong... i LOVE kids. ask the cunninghams, cohens, nankoffs, smarts ....
they'll tell you. but screaming unruly kids at 6:30 am is more than i can take this morning.

so if you know of any openings in sugarhouse, i'm ready to move.


Tiffany said...

that sucks. really. i'm sure it does. you know i've been on the other end of it (until this weekend... we are moving)... kids are loud. period. and they scream. period. sharing walls with people is hard! and i definitely have tried to keep my kids quiet... to an extent. they don't scream at 6:30 AM and it's not all day long... promise! :)

Tim and Sara said...

Ughhh...how annoying. We have a neighbor with the loudest engine ever that pulls in every night at 3 am...she woke the baby up last night and I had seriously homicidal thoughts.