Jan 3, 2010

Sled Fest

Sled Fest Success

14 people
6 inner tubes
4 sleds
2 chicken pot pies
1 happy puppy

Some family photos captured at Sled Fest:

Ali and Eric - love each other and sledding.

BB&J - i have a feeling this is a contender for next year's Anderson Christmas card

Gardners: Pregnant and sledding! (safely)


Come on ride the train....

We had so much fun sledding. We're going again.
And Again.
And now that 4 inner tubes are in our possession
(one went to B.Fo and one to Buddy) ...
We're ready to go anytime.
Want to come?


becca said...

sledding = f.u.n.

siovhan said...

this looks awesome. i wish i had been able to come and join you guys!

Wendle said...

A fabulous time had by all. Thanks for the invite. I'm sure going to miss playing with you guys! If only DC had a noelle and matt...