Jan 3, 2010

Statement Necklace Part Deux

For a Christmas craft
We [Teri and me] made a necklace all her own.

Behold Statement Necklace Numero 2:

1. purchase vintage "pearl collar" or "beaded collar" from etsy or ebay - ranging in price from $7-15 ... some are $30 but definitely NOT worth it ...

2. cut a 3-4 inch strip of silk or taffeta in desired rose color. twist the fabric as your fold into a rose. secure with straight pin and sew. tack stitch onto collar where desired.

(you could hot glue, but that would ruin the collar, should you ever decide to remove the flower for another beautiful necklace)

3. cut 2 18 inch long gross grain ribbon strands. fold one end a 1/4 of an inch, place folded side down at the top of the collar. blind stitch gross grain under collar fabric, traveling the box shape 3 times, then whip stitch bottom fold of ribbon to finish.

30 minutes later...
You're DONE!


Teri said...

I couldn't have done it without you! I love it, thanks, Noelle!

Laura said...

I like these statement necklaces, but what do you wear them with? Post pictures?

siovhan said...

this is GORGEOUS. i'm with laura -- how do you wear yours? i always feel silly in statement jewelry.

noelle regina said...

well truth be told i haven't yet. but wen i do it'll be with a whit t-shirt and jeans and cute ballet flats.