Jan 3, 2010

Did It Herself

She may not love that I'm posting these less than artistic blackberry photos...
But I've been missing out on my own DIYs
and thought I'd share some of the AMAZING ones Ashley did...

I wish I had befores.
So you could see how great these afters are...

they snagged this lamp for $FREE.99
a little glue and tom's steady spray paint hand restored it to it's original grandeur
then some ribbon (and i think some hot glue)
made a plain white shade something tres anthro-esque.

she grabbed these drop-seat chairs for a steal at an antique show in ogden, for something like HALF of what they were originally asking. they were covered in a hideous silver paint, and worn pink fabric. some black laquer and adorable fabric from calico corners (and a touch of help from mama j, but i wasn't supposed to tell nobody) .... AND

My New Years Resolution:
Have more patience to complete a worthwhile DIY.
[one that might take more than a few hours]


the swapps said...

haha! thanks for posting these, noelle. seriously, i wish i had sent better photos now. having your mom in town to help finish uncompleted diy projects is the secret i've discovered. don't tell nobody.

siovhan said...

this is one of my goals for the next ... well, literally, 1000 days. i want to do stuff like this -- diy home interiors. ashley has some serious talent, much like yourself.