Jan 7, 2010

my achy breaky heart

i'm going back.
in the next 30 days.
if i can do ANYTHING about it.
i miss the fontana di trevi.

i miss cruisin around town on bikes and scooters.

i miss leisurely walks in parks overlooking the vatican

and i miss the to-die-for papardelle at antonios.
i also miss antonio.

it's too much for my little heart to take.
two years have passed since my last trip to italy and it's beginning to take a toll on me.
i dream about it.
i think about it.
i turn GREEN with envy when others experience the magic and enchantment.
i have to go back.


Ashley said...

Come with us in May!!!! Please?!!! We need a tour guide.

scott and lindsey said...

please please please please PLEASE PLLLLEEEAAASSEE!!! take me with you!!! I miss it! I will do just about anything as well....

btw said...

we have snow shoes too! let's make a plan and get out there! andrea

Ashley said...

My good friend from Rome was just here last weekend and I was so jealous she got to get on that plane! Hopefully we'll all be there soon.