Jan 5, 2010

personal trainer day 1

a fitness equation:

94 days to thailand
+ (45 minutes on elliptical) x 3
- 12 inches gained in the last year
+ 2 days a week with a trainer
- 20 weight watchers points per day


fingers crossed.
matt will tell you that the 5 days of physical activity in 2009 has already improved my mental health, dramatically. keep you posted.


Amanda said...

You so not have gained 12 inches. That looks impossible. Every picture of you I have seen on this blog (and facebook), you look FANTASTIC.

so i say you take that 12 inches part out of the equation.

but. i'm on the fitness diet too. so totally with you on the workout. and cheering you on (even if the 12 inches part is so not true).

noelle regina said...

no really.
he measured my waist, arms, legs, hips, everything gained a few for a total of 12.

it's like i've been dipped in caramel a few times.

becca said...

i know that regardless of size, everyone feels better about themselves when they're working out, but i just thought you'd like to know that my roommates and i had a five minutes conversation about how you are little and don't need to go on weight watchers. :)

POJO Fitness said...

wish i lived in salt lake and i could be your trainer! there maybe a possibility i will teach at the taylorsville 24 one day!

Stephanie said...

If you really want to stay home, just pop in that Jillian Michael's Shred video you own and use the firewood next to your fireplace as weights. It certainly left me and Paul hurting for a few days.

(p.s. being dipped in carmel sounds like a reward)