Jan 7, 2010

on frank

as i chatted with a friend who is about to embark on a frightening and taxing journey
i offered some support
"do you want me to come"

her dad came.
and she "always feels safe with her dad."

what is it about father's that make us invincible?
i thought of frank
endearingly called poppy
and the safety and security he's brought to my life.

my fiercest and most loyal supporter.
my most generous and loving advocate.
my formidable and obstinate opponent.
(we "lock-horns" from time to time)

and like my friend...
poppy has been my go-to in times of seeming crisis.

he was always my first line of defense.
whether he was taking middle school band teachers head-on who sought to dethrone me from student council, driving a flooded parkway to rescue me from a hydr0planed car, or frantically trying to aid me during an overseas deportation.

and though those calls to arms are fewer and further between.
and i'm equipped to handle what crosses my path.
i know he's always in my corner.


Whitney said...

thumbs up.

Teri said...

What a sweet post for your "poppy". He's got a great daughter, as well.