Dec 12, 2009

new york, new york

cannolis and tiramisu
shopping in soho
french onion soup at tartine
belly laughs at upright citizens brigade
slumber parties at their house
pizza at patsy's
an hour-long wait at bubby's
christmas presents
rook tournament
craft projects

revisiting 2009 resolution to love new york: A++


L. said...

SO FUN!! I miss it! Scott is there without me right now and I'm missing all the fun. Enjoy it a little extra for me!

Kent Breard III said...

i want to leave you a not somthing nice...

why did i not know you were here!!!

noelle regina said...

that's more of a something inquisitive kent!
my TOTAL bad for not updating. it was a short trip for family chirstmas (since we'll be with matt's fam this year)
but next tiem we hit UCB you HAVE to be there.