Dec 12, 2009

what if i told you...

chuck [ed] and vanessa [jessica] outside of bubby's.

what if i told you that chuck bass [ed westwick] follows me around new york city.

he comes to half king when i'm catching a drink[diet coke] after work with friends.
he's standing outside vanessa's apartment when i'm walking in chelsea.
his best friend nate walks by me on the upper east side....

he followed me to bubby's.
where he feigned interested in his girlfriends birthday brunch, while stealing glances at me over his shoulder. [sort of]

these social interactions are too much to be coincidence.
next time we're out together, i might confront him about it.

then again, he's so handsome, i might just allow it.

and yes- the huevos rancheros were worth the 40 minute wait.


L. said...

Everytime I go to Bubbys, I ALWAYS see someone famous. He really is following you though.. that's alot of encounters. Lucky you!

noelle regina said...

joshua jackson (aka pacey from dawson's creek was also there.) i thought to myself, celebrities must love new york - where everyone is too proud and too cool to act like they know them.

Caitlin said...

I'm really jealous. Bot so much about ed, but more that you are in New york and eating huevos at bubbys.

Lucky girl.

Caitlin said...

Also I failed to mention that I have this sort of relationship with all of the real housewives of NYC.

I'm pretty sure if I still lived in NYC they would have asked me to be on the show by bow.

noelle regina said...

(and maybe also new jersey... just a little bit more)