Dec 13, 2009

NRN Best-Seller

My first ever book report. [pictured above]
Our assignment- to recreate the book's cover.
I think my rendition was pretty smashing for a 9-year old.
[with a little help from mom]
This was my first all-nighter.
Elmer's Glue and tissue paper.

Forget the NYT.
Noelle Regina Nicolai (NRN) has had FMF at the top of her bestseller list for nearly 2 decades.
In fact, I read it last year.
And loved it.

Bogus Bounce and Bean
One short.
One fat.
One lean.
These horrible crooks.
So different in looks.
Are none-the-less equally mean.

It's been my favorite book since 1992.
Before George Clooney ever knew who Badger was.
Before the world had tasted liver-filled doughnuts.
And for the record, Mr. Fox has 3 children.

Mr Fox: - brown paper bag and water colors
Title: Jello cookie-cutter letters on green construction paper
Firey Sunset and Lush Hillside: layered tissue paper in multiple shades for depth and effect

This was ready and waiting on my bed when we arrived in New York Wednesday night. I kind of want it framed on a wall (caitlin, any objections?)


E.F.G. said...

Do you think mrs. triarsi knew mom had a heavy hand in that creation? frame it noelle! and then, when the time comes, hang it in charlie's room.

noelle regina said...

it was mrs. prizeman. and i'm guesssing she had a pretty good idea. but mom really didn't DO much. she just art-directed.