Jul 29, 2009

Petty Blalker

Do you BLALK?

BLog stALK

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's people like me who force others to go private.
(kidding... kind of)

I'm outing myself - the petty blalker.

I read it.
I scroll in.
I enlarge the photos.

I've decided I wouldn't like her in real life.
No one hosts that many dessert parties.
No one always looks that cute.
No one has children that stepped out of crewcuts.
No one really like Vegas.
No one throws one wonderful dinner party after the next
NO ONE has multiple family photo shoots, monthly.

Except she does.
(and if you email me, i might just share her with you!)

(Lindsay Lark- you're responsible for this!)

So while I'm at it:

Amy Wiseman - love what you're doing.
Shea Miller- please update
Andrea Roche - I know you don't read this, but your son is adorable.
Char - still can't figure out how to navigate
Liz Jones - seriously considering pilates
Meredith M - you make me laugh
Becky Giles - what's your password? it kills be everytime i click!
Jenna Vela - don't go private
Matt and Toni - it's high time I add you to the column.
Lefrandts - we don't KNOW each other, but i feel like we do
Josh (and Tiff) - at least we grew up together, so i feel like less of a voyeur. tell amy hi!


Shea McGee said...

oh heavens knows i'm a blalker.

no need to stop - just embrace. but that's probably just a self-serving justification.

Sara said...

Oh Noelle! It is so good to find you. You can blalk me anytime, but my life is way less interesting than all these perfect people you seem to stumble across. Hope you're doing well!

Amanda and Matt Dalton said...

Hi Noelle! I "blalk" your blog occasionally. Don't remember how I came upon it? Karisa did my wedding invites, too! I don't update mine that much but really should get to it. Anyways, nice to meet you! -Amanda

noelle regina said...

Amanda- it's my pleasure. and now, i can blalk you! Karisa is a dream - which invite package did you get? She is so talented.

Ryan and Laura said...

Noelle- who else is in Vegas? You've got to share your connections so that more people can "enjoy" living in Vegas! :) By the way, whenever I think of a classy wedding I get the pics of yours in my head. Love your short hair too...and your style. Will you be my personal shopper? (on a really tight budget)?! :)

POJO Fitness said...

I love that you stalk blogs i do too.. its such a habit! and im glad you read mine because i look at your all the time. anyways, you should come try pilates with me.. i think you would love it!

(i think its going to show up as pojo fitness for some reason but this is liz :)

mathistown said...

Uh, I totally feel you. And I read Andrea Roche's too..weird. I may need you to email mystery girl's blog so I can stalk too! :)

siovhan said...

I "balk" your blog often. I feel a little better that I know Matt and so I don't feel quite as creepy "balking" you.

And I "balk" Amy Wiseman too! (Her brother is one of my bff's husbands). I think she's FABULOUS.

Alexandra said...

and thus, I also out myself. xoxo

Meredith said...

Oh my gosh. Noelle. I blalk you, everyday. (Or whenever you post). And how do I know when you post? Because I subscribe to your blog, anonymously.

I can't tell you how hard I laughed out loud when I saw "Meredith M"!!! Hahahaha!

Our secrets are out! And I absolutely love it!

Kate McNeil said...

seriously. everyone needs to out themselves like this. me included. i subscribe to 243 blogs and probably a good 100 don't know me. i read your blog for months before commenting! where's the shame? everyone does it!

p.s. i'm very intrigued by the vegas blog. oh how i love to laugh at those "life is rainbows" posts.

The Mendenhall Clan said...

I Blalk u blog all the time! i love reading what ur up to and i also sometimes read them aloud to my dad. Jaxson misses u and i hope all is well and look forward to july 4th weekend next year!!!

Amanda and Matt Dalton said...

Hi again Noelle! We got the Andelyn suite for our NYC Reception stuff and then 2 cards from the Kerilyn suite for our temple invite card and California reception card. I miss all the wedding planning stuff, don't you!?

Danny and Lauren's Blog said...

Oh well since we are outing ourselves... hi, it's Lauren, I was in your ward in The Avenues. I stalk you from Mexico now. In fact I stalk lots of blogs from Mexico now. I am betting I scare lots of people into going private. Who are these crazy Mexicans looking at my blog?! =) Me, me, me - I am a total gringo people! Anyway, keep up the blogging - I enjoy the entertainment - and thanks for being strong and calling yourself out. =) Xoxo, Lauren

noelle regina said...

i love all these comments :) please fellow blalkers, feel free to leave me "something nice" whenever!


Lars said...

Why thank you for the comment on my photos! I figured it was only appropriate to out my blalking on this post ha ha! I came across your blog through my friend Brittany Leonard Ratelle and must say that I just absolutely adore your blog!

What a relief to finally be out of the blalking closet!

Emily said...

I have a confession! I just started Blalking you! I found you on Becky's blog, and I sure love reading your stuff! Oh, and that party you just threw! Fab! (Ashley Swapp just took engagement pictures of my brother in law & his fiance!)

andrea.roche said...

Linked to your blog from a friend's, and was so surprised to see this post! You read MY blog! Love it!

Treyson thanks you for the compliment. :)

And by the way, I want to buy your whole wardrobe. If I had any taste, and any money, I would dress like you.