Jan 10, 2009

The First Week of New Year's ...

and I'm off to a good start. i'm publishing these so that i'm publicly accountable (and more likely to stick with it)

in 2009 i've resolved to:
1. wake up early every morning
- the intent was to work out before work, which hasn't yet been realized, but i have made breakfast and wonderful lunches for matt and me.

2. give up french fries
- despite their nearly irresistible deliciousness, these tasty treats have absolutely no nutritional value AND a new study out of Sweden showed they increase risks of cancer (doesn't everything?). so i've given them up. but everybody knows that just means i don't order my own, i'll gladly help you finish yours!

3. be a nicer person
- and maybe it's working already? my account group manager in my one-on-one said i was a "ray of sunshine," but i'm sure there is room for improvement. mostly the nicer person stuff relates to my thoughts, sometimes i have not the nicest ones. (like about the 5 year old who told me i was stupid for giving the harmonica player on the C train a dollar)

4. read at least ONE book each month
- january's first book was 3 Cups of Tea - which if you haven't read, is quite inspirational. also, a little birdie named J.Ko, told me that Greg Mortenson was speaking at BYU and a generous husband named Matt said that i could go if i wanted!

5. church
- more ward parties, more 125 Columbus ave., and more of the good books

6. hang up my clothes
- i lied to matt when we were engaged and told him it would be different when we were married. old habits die hard - but i've had enough and it has to stop.

7. save more and spend less
- # of taxis in 2009 - NONE
- # of meals out in 2009 - ONE (202, thank you Tyler Christensen for the wonderful suggestion)
- dollars spent this week on lunch - $9

8. really LOVE new york
- the first six months were a little adjustment. new job, lots of hours, making friends etc. but the next six months will be WONDERFUL , (and as many that follow), i can already tell

9. exercise
- what would new year's resolutions be without mention of this staple? there was a time in my life where i did 60 minutes of cardio followed by 60 minutes of lifting 5 times a week, a time when i averaged at least 28 miles of running each week, a time when 24-Hour Fitness was a constant. those days are gone. BUT i am resolved to give my self the endorphin boost as often as my schedule permits (coupled with the early morning wake up). if jason and levi can hike up to planet fitness on a regular basis, i can crawl out to the living room now and again.

10. love my neighbors. and watch more movies with them. and play cards with them etc etc etc


Amanda said...

oooo i'm jealous about going to see Greg Mortenson (if you do). branden just finished his book (it was a christmas present for me and ironically i am reading it after him) and i can't wait to read it.
and that's a good idea to make hanging up your clothes a new years resolution! i am still driving branden nuts on that one. i might just copy your idea.
i'm just so bad about resolutions.

happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I love to read books but am stumped as to what should be my next read. Could you offer any recommendations?
My new's years resolution was to travel more and you are totally beating me. Travel recommendations are welcome too!

Happy new year to you both!

Ashley said...

Love. love. love your blog. Hope you and Matt are having a great time in New York. If you don't mind, I'm going to put you on my blog list. Take care girlie.

Stanton & Rubi Jones said...

no need to go to byu to hear him speak. he's coming to the lincoln center barnes and noble on the 22nd at 730.

Rebecca Smylie said...


Jordan and Candice said...

I really stink at rummy 500. My confidence has been down in the dumps since Sunday's smashing.