Jan 8, 2009

a nemesis on the premises

this email arrived this evening. the much adored and cherished Luci cat has had a rough go of it lately... so what if we're crazy cat ladies? for some history ..
almost 3 years ago i found a kitten in a box in American Fork. i took it home much to my roommates dismay. i loved it. it loved me. and then he turned. this sweet little luci cat, became a vicious little lucifer. the roommates protested and he returned to westchester where he has been living happily ever after - fancy feast and forests to roam. all was well, until the appearance of one charming and sweet invader kitty. who -much to my father's dismay and the anxious unraveling of the poor lucifer cat- took shelter in his homemade cathouse, then our basement. after finding a home for invader with a family friend, and the slight stabilization of luci's sanity THIS happened... (as told by eldest nicolai, angelique louise)

to Noelle (luci's favorite despite abandonment in westchester),

his obnoxious and schizophrenic majesty, Lucifer, had a bad day yesterday
yesterday, Tammy F came over and took the orange cat (aka Invader, aka Morris) to her house to see if he would be a good fit - she called last night and gushed about how sweet he was being, how happy and affectionate - she seems to think he's a keeper, they are thinking of calling him Cheddar - I miss him but Luci seemed a little less fritzy

at about 11pm last night I heard cats screaming and yowling outside and when I opened the deck door, I saw a black cat run down the deck stairs - I thought it was Luci running after another cat so I called him - then I heard a familiar growl from the corner of the deck - another black cat was sitting on the deck railing against the house looking into the dark and growling - I called that cat but he wouldn't budge

I got a flashlight and a broom - when I shone the light towards the corner of the house where the cat on the deck was looking there was another black cat with green eyes sitting in the yard and looking back - the deck cat started growling louder

it was like a bad horror movie - 2 black cats, Luci and bizarro Luci, one acting like he's possessed - for a few minutes I really wasn't sure which cat was supposed to be ours - but then I figured that the possessed one was behaving more true to character

I risked my neck in Mom's birkenstocks on the icy deck stairs to chase the other cat away - he ducked around the corner of the house but kept looking around it at us - then he finally ran off
Luci wouldn't go back inside until I poked him with the broom and he was pretty pissed for a while after - it figures that as soon as we get rid of one stray cat, another shows up - maybe the orange cat was keeping the others away, since Luci apparently can't protect his own territory - or maybe our house has a reputation as a halfway house among the local homeless cat population
anyway, I'm calling the new cat Impostor, since he looks (a lot) like Luci and since the first one was called Invader

laters, Angelique


angelique said...

if I'd known this was going to be posted verbtim on your blog a few hours after I wrote it, I'd have paid better attention to my grammar

we haven't seen any more evidence of Impostor, and your cat seems calmer now

E.F.G. said...

yes world--my mother and sisters are "cat ladies." sorry girls, this pretty much makes it official.

Janessa said...

Miss Noelle, lovely to see you at church last week! I am still jealous that you are on the East Coast and still want to be there in the fall. My wallet has other ideas, but we shall see. Hope all is well with you & Matt!

noelle regina said...

but ang- we laughed out loud at this email.


Stephanie said...

I still attest that the hostility Luci cat consistently demonstrates stems from gender confusion.