Jan 11, 2009

Resolution Numbers 8 & 10- Check Plus

With brother-in-law Jake in town we ventured down to 202 in Chelsea Market, at the advice of my business big brother, and it was delicious. Then, slept in on Saturday and braved the cold for a delectable dining experience at Bubby's - a chat with the owner, and unbelievable coincidence of running into High School BFF Laura- coupled with the incredible food made it worth the trek.

Matt and I are trying a new restaurant each week- and made our picks in Zagat's last night. Some things we're looking forward to- Sriprathai (sp?) in Queens, Di Fara in Brooklyn, some donut place Marci swears by and Milos (supposedly some of the best Greek around). Vistors welcome.

Lybbert Thai night, a rousing game of rummy 500 and an hysterical SNL made this Sunday evening the kind we want to have again and again. if you live in the area, PLEASE join us, we'll love you too.

i'm hoping to get in a little more of #9 tomorrow morning.



scott and lindsey said...

sad we missed that on sunday ;( BUT so glad you went to BUBBYS- delish! You guys are going to be having ONE amazing week... let us know if you need company ;)

laura said...

I work above the Chelsea Market! Also, do you think I will get to see you in 2009?

julianne rose said...

dear noelle! brittany mae referred me to your blog :) you see i'm moving to new york, harlem even, at the end of january. would love to try a restaurant with you sometime if you don't mind :) my email is juliannerose@gmail.com or there's always facebook of course... do hope you're well!

Carl Hardie said...

If you like doughnuts, you need to try the Doughnut Plant down on Grand st.

Ashley said...

Can we be your neighbors? I know we're not in your group, but we sure love crashing! And yes, Marci is right, the DP is the best in the city. I also have always loved Bubby's...I need to get down there!

familia Bybaran said...

I do get a tad jealous of our awesome neighborhood sometimes. I hope you get to keep all of your 2009 resolutions. Sounds like a fun year.

noelle regina said...

Julianne (how do you spell Joog?) ... welcome back to the colonies. we'll have to celebrate with something delicious and eclectic

Mehrsa ... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME OVER! And bring the cute kids with you.

Carl... I think that is the place Marci speaks of. Perhaps you and wife can be our tour guides? Missed you Thai night.

Ashley ... anyone with a child that says RIGIT is welcome in our home. Plus, I think you owe me a visit this month.

lybberty said...

Thanks for a great weekend, Noelle. You and Matt are, together, the best.