Dec 5, 2008

Life is Beautiful...

and so is the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center.

Thank you sugar plum fairies for your delightful dancing.
Thank you choreographer Balanchine.
Thank you perfect french hornists who fill my heart with merriness.

but mostly...

Thank you husband for WONDERFUL tickets and the perfect date night.

a holiday lover


Alex said...

Oh my gosh. I have been wanting to see the NYC Ballet Nutcracker since I was jealous, but so glad you had a great time and that it was incredible!

Marci + Dan said...

I love the nycb Nutcracker. Please say you saw Megan and/or her brother Robert Fairchild dance solo parts.

valerie said...

nyc will always dominate in the arts compared to slc - just keep that in mind when you move back here :) someday

noelle regina said...

which is why it is such a wonderful place to visit.
maybe you should come out. how many vacation days does this new job offer?