Dec 2, 2008

dear taxi thief,

dear taxi thief,

thrice i've witnessed your appalling behavior on the corner of 26th and 11th.
thrice i've watched you emerge from the shadows with a shrill voice and aggressive behavior - verbally attacking the innocent pedestrian seeking shelter and passage in a yellow cab.

should you accost another cab-caller on my watch, claiming you were there first 20 feet down street, barking orders at us to get out of your way as you steal into OUR cabs, i will with no hesitation slam that yellow taxi door on your slimy little fingers. i won't think twice about showing you a finger of mine. and i'll hope with every fiber of my being you're stuck in gridlock traffic while we gleefully zip home in the taxis we waived down FAIR AND SQUARE.

to hell with you taxi thief.

1 comment:

Oliver & Margy said...

living proof you're turning into a real New Yorker. way to go! and good luck :)