Dec 8, 2008

happy birthday to me.

i remember being a small small child and wondering why my mom didn't seem excited for her birthday - it was a BIRTHDAY - the most exciting holiday that ever was and ever will be. (Christmas is, after all, a birthday)

but... i'm kind of there. not to say i'm not excited by birthdays - i certainly love them.
there was...
the mad hatter tea pary in elementary school.
the not-so-surprise (since i begged for it) surprise pary in 6th grade.
the trip to italy that i was deported from for the big 16th.
the 80 person blizzard gala in Park City for the 23rd ...

birthdays have been good to me, but with 25 around the corner I'm not nearly as excited as I expected. until one little present made one little weekend in January my little birthday weekend. knowing how dearly i miss these lovely ladies (and many others not pictured below) matt is sending me out for 72 hours of non-stop sugarhouse fun.

this is what matt gave me and it couldn't have been a more perfect gift.
(no it's not my birthday yet you still have 12 days to try and one up the hubby)


E.F.G. said...

did he give you pictures of your friends or is he bringing them to NYC?

valerie said...


lindsay lark said...

Please tell me you're staying at the greenhouse.