Jul 8, 2008

Dear Nine Days of Nothing,

Nine days of the most wonderful nothingness I've ever done. (Actually, it might just be the only nothingness I've ever done, and as a nothing novice I have to say I did quite well). Matt and I spent 9 wonderful days in Cancun full of:

nothing at the pool
napping nothings
nothing out to dinner
nothing snorkeling
nothing on the couch
nothing in the kitchen
delicious mango nothings
bathing suit nothings
nothing but tans
reading nothing
loving nothing

I've settled the sleep debt. I've adequately satiated ever worry stress and concern I harbored up til June 27th. I've emerged victorious- relaxed, fulfilled and with an attentive and thoughtful husband in tow.

As for the nuptials that necessitated this nothingness - The wedding was a wild success. Not because every detail was executed perfectly or the evening stayed on schedule - but because Matt and I, surrounded by 250 of our closest friends and relatives danced the night away, shared sweet tender moments and celebrated the joy and excitement of our marriage. Professional pictures are forthcoming, but I've included a few for perusal.

- Happy Ever After in Your Eyes dancing with Matt as tears filled our eyes, and our family and friends looked on
- Jake, Erica and Kimmy's WONDERFUL toasts that warmed our hearts and set the perfect tone for the evening
- The Paul Rich band which brilliantly executed Rascal Flats "Life is a Highway", Alicia Keys "No One" and a few Beyonce/ Jay Z numbers with their 10 piece band. Left the dancers awe struck with their talent
- Laura Gufarotti catching the bouquet (she's a childhood friend, who's been dating my other childhood friend Jerry for something like 5-8 years)
- Bridal party get down let by the one and only Dance Captain L. Diane Rees - I thought I couldn't love these ladies anymore, but it turns out I was wrong. AND their dresses were PERFECT, almost beautiful enough to make the bride wonder if she should have just donned one for the party as well.
- Gnocchi
- The dessert hour that kicked off with delightfully over-the-top fireworks and streaming fountains, complete with chocolate fountain, crepe station and every pastry imaginable


Ryan and Laura said...

Congrats Noelle! You look beautiful. Sounds like your happily ever after has definitely begun. Hope NY is good to you two.

Shannon Low said...

I had a WONDERFUL time at all of the wedding festivities...the details were delightful and amazing...welcome to the family!

Nerak said...

Congratulations! Everything looked so beautiful and perfect. Enjoy my city for me!

Hannah said...

I have been waiting to see! YOU LOOK AMAZING! Dress= Perfection. Nice work! Enjoy the next 7 days of honeymoon nothingness in WA!

valerie said...

best 4 days away from the office ever - thanks for getting married :)

Melissa said...

che belle foto!! auguri di nuovo sul tuo matrimonio!

Brewer Family said...

Most beautiful bride in the entire world!
Most beautiful wedding in the entire world!
Most beautiful couple in the entire world!

Love you so much! Miss you so much!

You're fav fellow lay-offee!!!

Cliff, Gina , Reese and Oscar (Our Doggie) said...

We loved your wedding! It was beautiful. I am so glad we got to see you! You looked amazing!

Scott and Kristine said...

Looks amazing, and so did you! Congrats again. When things calm down give me a ring!

Jake and Jenna said...

dear noelle,


i'm glad you enjoyed nothingness. nothingness is the most wonderful feeling sometimes, especially when you're with the one person that completes every aspect of your life. congrats dear.

Nick & Sierra Murray said...

Congratulations! Your pictures are so great! I LOVE your dress!! Enjoy being married!! Its the best adventure ever!

Rachel Ricchio said...

okay no joke, the prettiest wedding recep i have ever seen. my word you looked stunning. i bet the gnocchi was to die for.

Becky said...

noelle... you look absolutely stunning! congratulations!!! so happy for you and matt!

b.radley said...

its funny how a blog is a way communication takes place these days. congratulations on tying the big knot it looked like a wonderful event and you both look really happy.

blondie said...

Super, amazing, wonderful, terrific, stunning, delightful, out of this world, awesome, beautiful, couldn't be better day, you, Matt, your families and friends! We'll always remember and cherish 6/27/08. Congratulations, we love you.