Jun 13, 2008

What Do You Do When You Don't Go To Work ?

and go on a 3 mile run at Sugarhouse Park
and get a facial
and eat edamame
and learn to use your blackberry
and eat some more cherries

Life Updates....

  • Matt and I made through round 2 for the absurd apartment screening process - now the city takes a look at the application and we pass the oh-so-affordable 750-square foot, king bed accommodating crown-molded place on St. Nicholas is OURS!
  • I slept last night... WELL!
    • perhaps venting on the blog helped. perhaps it was taking Amanda and Hannah's advice and better-organizing the 4-page to do list, perhaps I should attribute it to Matt surprising me in SLC with a foot massage and packing help yestereve - regardless, Tylenol PM and I climbed into bed at 10:30pm, asleep by 11:09 and did NOT stir until 9:15 am. No repeated wake up, no cold sweats, just a much needed good night's rest.
Something you may not know ...
  • I LOVE cherries - more than avocados and red peppers and maybe even more than pomegranates (good thing I'll never have to choose since they have different seasons). In the past 3 days I've consumed over 5 lbs. of cherries. But here's what you might not know.... when consuming such copious amounts of cherries, there is no time to spit out the pits, so i just swallow 'em!

What I'm stressing about today ...
  • What if we don't make married friends in NY?


becca said...

well...you have a given. sister and jason.

Kent Breard III said...

umm... if you dont act like super married couple.. i will hang out with you still

auntie libby said...

ummmm.....be careful. you know what too many cherries can do to you! :)

Brittmae said...

Congratulations! You are married...and fabulous..and now you will sleep...well...at least eventually you will. :-)

Keep the blogging coming, I love the witty banter and I just don't get enough "to hell with it" with my other non-NY friends.

Much love!


Cliff, Gina , Reese and Oscar (Our Doggie) said...

Love your blog, girl. Can't wait for the party!!

Ryan and Laura said...

TOMORROW!!! So excited for you. Hope you found a way to sleep...and if not you can always sleep after your honeymoon ;) Tomorrow will be perfect. Look forward to pictures of your beautiful, fantastic, wonderful day. CONGRATS!!