May 13, 2008

Dear Nothing,

(I think I'm in desperate need of a nap and the resulting crankiness lead to this post)

At the inception of this cathartic venting forum, I was confronted by a myriad of inquiries as to whether there would be enough material to "Dear Life" about for the lifespan of this blog. Would I be backing myself into a corner? Eventually, of course, I would run out of hard to reach recipients to write letters to. We know about diamonds and sealings... but few recollect at the creation of their own web log that a blog is in fact, forever. Christmas lights, JCrew, tail gaiters, landlords, bridesmaids, wedding planning and life in general have provided an abundance of material- but it seems today (and perhaps in direct relation to my lack of cleverness lately) i can not muster a Dear Life from within.

Furthermore, despite my ventings:
  • Jeri Parker still owes me my security deposit
  • my high school field hockey jersey is still missing
  • the hypersafe straddle the speed limit and in turn frustrate the H3LL out of me en route to work
  • the wedding is not entirely planned
  • Designer Brand Outlet has yet to refund the dollars they stole, or send the dresses I ordered
  • hair is still short
  • and so on and so forth ...

Instead of dear-lifing, i'm posting pictures- no cleverness of tongue needed there.

Resting after the Delicate Arch hike- which really is more of a walk

the gang

real campers sleep in cars.
morning after.

happy camper 1
(not to be confused with "one happy camper")

Happy Campers 2,3 & 4

Work Surprise Party (that I kind of knew was coming)


Anthro Apron- who could ask for anything more?


Nerak said...

LOVE the black and white dress.

Anonymous said...

WTH face am I making in your shower picture?? Thanks N.

Brittmae said...

A- super psyched about shower manana

B- Love the b/w dress too--and see--you can totally wear that g-style!

C- I have three Shades and I have one worn each probably can be done. Yes, leggings can be done with tunic tops, we can chat about it tomorrow, I will pass on my wisdom.

D- I am trying to get to NY but dang it--we are poor and no amount of my philadering at Antho changes the fact that my law firm is paying me peanuts and my hubbie is still in school...but I am trying dang it.

Much love--- :-)