May 16, 2008

Dear Erin Fleming is My Favorite,

So maybe this weekend is the American Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. So maybe my sister's BFF Erin Fleming works for CBS. Maybe they had extra front-row seats. Maybe they're on a plane to be delivered to UT as we speak. And maybe- JUST MAYBE- the girls are taking a road trip.

Maybe- no ACTUALLY- some of my favorite people will be in attendance...

maybe we're staying at the MGM Grand.
maybe we're eating In-&-Out.
maybe i'm spending all day at the pool in 103 degree weather.

and if we're the luckiest people in the world, maybe JUST maybe, Tim & Faith will do a surprise performance. Or maybe the DIXIE CHICKS.

Little known fact that Noelle R. Nicolai- urban elitist- has quite a preference for the heartfelt, catchy tunes of Nashville's musically-inclined artists like ...

- Tim & Faith
- Kenny Chesney (front row 2 years ago- thanks Kimbers)
- Dixie Chicks
- Garth Brooks (ever listened to the words from "That Summer" ... talk about steamy. lifelong dream to see him perform)
- Rascal Flats
- Carrie Underwood (I would have carved my name into his leather seats too)
- Brooks & Dunn

maybe you're jealous? don't worry- pics to come.


Nerak said...

Gasp! LUCKY.

Ryan and Laura said...

Dear Noelle, and maybe you'll be minutes away from my doorstep! Who knew we'd be so close again after being so far for so long :) If you need, or think you might need, anything from a "local" while you're around let me know! If you don't need anything from me- just know that I will be insanely jealous. Have fun!! (and the 103 part- you aren't kidding, this will be the hottest weekend of the season so far!)

kimmy girl said...

ok. jealous. remember last time we went to see kenny. i kinda think i should be in jk, have fun! love you!!!!