May 8, 2008

Dear I Used to Be Clever ...

I used to be clever.
One-liners and witticisms flowed in abundance, with a dash of NY sass. Ask L. Rees about lessons on what's classy and what's trashy - if I don't say so myself- I was clever. Ask Matt about the facebook pros that knocked his rhyming abilities and exhibited my own word-smithing - I promise, it was clever. Even Kat, who never lies, will bear witness.

And then one day it was gone.

Believe me when I tell you... there's been a famine in the land.
Be it wedding stress, too much time with the fructosely-sweet personalities of Davis county or the ever-blameable lack of sleep ... I'm no longer clever. I found myself dumbstruck when a witty retort is needed. The manipulative smithing of texts for "pedalling" friends, leaves something to be desired.

Clever, wherever you are, I'd like you back. If you come with cynicism and sarcasm, I'll even take them back too.


Morgan said...

dear formerly clever blogger,

that's what she said.

ps i want you to write my eulogy. or is it eugooglgy? even if you aren't clever anymore.

Stephanie said...

Maybe your whit went out the door with your singledom - but I just saw you and wasn't disappointed.

p.s. you need to change the link to my blog.

Matt said...

cynicism can stay where she belongs--with prudence

Alison said...

No no no. This is just a simple case of a dry well No-hell. You have been giving all your creative prowess in so many ways, that you have forgotten to take time for yourself to refill. Read a book, watch a movie, stop being productive and your wit will come flying back. Even though, we all know, it never left.

E.F.G. said...

it'll come back--you're just tired. same thing happened to your east coast sister, hence the blog hiatus. but it isn't a good feeling. at least you're still cute!