Apr 24, 2008

Dear It's About Time,

Dear Blogkers,
Sorry it's been so long. I had gotten in the swing of things- and then was derailed by business at work.

Dear Alex SuperTramp of Into the Wild,
When you crossed that little stream into the Alaskan wilderness and then journeyed back in Spring- hoping to go home- and found a full-blown river, my little heart broke for you. The thing is Alex- really, what were you thinking? Bear Grylls always shows us how to make rafts, maybe you should have tried that? I don’t know… I just feel like there were more options than dying in your bus.
Glad you had the adventure of a lifetime.
Sorry it was the end of that lifetime,

Dear Small World of Interconnected Networks,
Dear co-worker Sara who passed my resume onto friend Ali of Lucky (who I happened to meet once upon a time in London when visiting Anthony, Laura and Marisa), who passed it on to Lisa of Fleishman (who just so happens to live in the same building as my sister and brother in law in NYC) who passed it along to CooperKatz who contacted me about an open position- THANK YOU. I can’t believe what a small world it is. It reminds me of the time that I found a designer online to do my wedding invites- turns out she lived in Provo, we had an inordinate number of mutual friends in common, was in my sister’s ward in NYC, and happened to design and print wedding invites for an ex-boyfriend.
I love coincidence,

Dear Wardrobe,
I’ve been quite convinced my entire life that you were by all means modest. But as Kat and I prepare for the upcoming game of gnog, I’m growing quite concerned. Although I’ve bucked the wild success of Shade thus far, it would seem as though I have no choice.

Dear Costco,
Thanks for selling Shades.

Dear Foundry Grill,
Thought I’d warn you in advance of the Lybbert / Nicolai dinner this evening. It’s a “meet the family” for everyone. A cheery waiter with a sense of humor would be greatly appreciate. So would good food (which you typically provide) Here’s hoping all goes well.


Mack Attack said...

I just watched Into the Wild, and I was thoroughly depressed afterwards.

E.F.G. said...

NOELLE! before you post a movie ending, you are supposed to annouce "SPOILER" so that others (like myself) who may be planning on viewing said movie, still have a surprise ending. . guess i get so save myself from another R flick.

The Castletons said...

Hey, Jono works at the Foundry!! All the waiters are super nice. Hope you guys had fun!!

Alison said...