Apr 18, 2008

Dear April 18,

Dear April 18,
On this day in 1906 San Francisco suffered the most terrible bad earthquake EVER. However, corporate America has that earthquake to thank for one reliable financial institution- Bank of America. What you may not have known was that it was founded by Arnadeo Giannini who lent gold bricks to Italian immigrants who needed funding to rebuild destroyed homes and businesses. You also probably didn't know it was formerly called the Bank of Italy. Just one more reason to love Italians.

Dear Carb Free Life,
When Shea brought home paradise cookies, I hated you.
When Laura made her delicious coffee-infused brownies, I hated you.
When Matt brought home a box of 72 bagel bites, I hated you.
When the girls went out for Mexican food, I hated you.
When I stepped on the scale this morning …. I decided you might just be my favorite.

Hoping I don’t miss bagels and pasta for too much longer,

Dear Work Firewall,
You’re inconsistency regarding my use of: facebook, you tube, pandora, and blogspot FRUSTRATES the heck out of me.
Allow or block – pick one. NO VACILLATING.

Dear Tail-Gater,
Clearly you’ve missed that the speed limit on 1-15 is 65 mph. It’s common knowledge that I’m not one to straddle the speed limit, but take it from the girl who already got pulled over and had to talk her way out of a ticket- 85 MPH is far too fast. Your impatient hand gestures and evil-eye glares made it quite obvious you were displeased with my cruise controlled 80 mph. Should I find you riding my @$$ again, I’ll be sure to slow to a legal 62 mph and make some impatient hand gestures of my own.

Wishing your ’91 dodge stratus wasn’t 2 inches off my bumper all morning,


Rachel Ricchio said...

you are hilarious! looovvveee the fact about bank of america.

p.s. we italian don't do carb free diets. we live for carbs sweetie. you def. don't need a carb free diet.

Jake and Jenna said...

dear noelle,
i found your blog. i stalked it, and i liked it. i'm glad we're friends now--you looked fabulous today at the shower.

love always,

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