Apr 17, 2008

Dear Course of My Life,

Dear Course of My Life,
You've been seriously altered.

Dear Manhattan,
Matt and I are coming back for good. Reserve a table for us at Sette Mezzo, we'd like to celebrate.

Dear Astronomical Rent Prices,
It astonishes me that the going rate for 450 square feet is $1500-$1800. That's one expensive shoe box - minus the Manolos that should have been inside.

Dear Future Employer of the Tri-State Area,
Sure wish I knew who you were.

Dear Dave Thomas,
So sorry I cried when I told you I was leaving, and asked for a hug and then didn't let go. You've been such a wonderful President, CEO and friend.

Dear Goldman Manhattan,
Thanks for hiring the fiance.


Sarah Larsen said...

Lots of questions! I think you need to deviate from this format for a more detailed explanation of what you're moving to NYC for! Or better yet, maybe a phone call! This is exciting stuff!!

Kelsey Nixon said...

WOW! Exciting news...I'm oozing with jealousy...but Robby and I will embrace Provo for the next year like it's nobody's business.

kimmy girl said...

yay! cant wait to have you!!!!!!