Apr 29, 2008

Dear Pomp and Circumstance,

It seems at this time of year a few Congratulations are in order:

Congrats to Foundry Grill for serving the Steak with caramelized onions, grilled asparagus, and a red wine reduction sauce just the picky ol' Frank ordered it - no onion, no asparagus, no sauce.

Congrats to Matt for 4 years of academic excellence, a BA in economics, and a killer job with Goldman in Manhattan.

Congrats to Karen Millen for designing perfect dresses for every occasion- and congrats to Matt for picking out this little navy number in Cambridge last summer.

Congrats to the In-Laws (both sides) for having a wonderfully successful and enjoyable weekend.

Congrats to me for throwing a carb-free life out the window and REALLY celebrating.


Alison said...

you look like a twig. i could just break you. SNAP. go eat something. or come over. I have twinkies.

Ryan and Laura said...

Noelle, you look great!! Congrats on your soon-to-be-hubby graduating! I love your writing (and pictures) on your blog. If only I were more creative ;)

Anonymous said...

looking so slim and trim in that navy dress