Apr 4, 2008

Dear Friday,

Dear J.CREW bridesmaid dresses,
You came!!! I promptly delivered to the Utah Bridesmaids- Kris, L and Val (see dossier files below)- and I think myself justified in saying we’re all equally and entirely enamored with you. This Bridesmaid looks FANTASTIC- but to save something for June 27th, her identity is concealed!

Dear Karisa Winkel,
The invites are just as gorgeous as you and Ro initially reported. Also, I love that I have my own little box on your website- though it be empty at present. Karisawinkeldesigns.com – Thanks for the kind email. xoxo

Dear BYU Intramurals Flag Football Game,
Matt OWNED you with 2 touchdowns, sucker!
(not to be a sap... but have you ever seen such blue eyes?)

Dear Rainy Saturday,
We already rescheduled engagement photos once due to inclement weather. Your tempestuous temper won’t rain on my parade- or photoshoot- again. Recent purchases to defend ourselves from you and coincidentally achieve that JCREW-like perfection we seek include:
· Patent yellow rain galoshes
· Old school umbrella with wooden handle
· Poncho (for the photographer matthew clayton)

Dear Inclement,
I could have sworn you were inclimate.

Dear Space Cadet,
Ever since my engagement the pending nuptials that occupy my mind’s agenda have prevented me from being the organized, dependable, self-reliant woman I once was. FOR EXAMPLE, I was positive that I had booked a flight to NY for this upcoming week.
· I schedule with work to take the time off.
· I coordinated with the family for a ride home from the airport.
· I’ve made appointments and arrangements with florists and wedding vendors.

But after 2 hours of searching inboxes and calling JetBlue, Delta, Frontier, US Airways, and multiple credit card companies to search for the purchase- I realized that I had not in fact booked a ticket.

Dear Space Cadet,
Are you an actual phrase of a creation of my father’s clever word-smithing?

Dear Runner of Errands, Cleaner of Kitchens, Emptier of Dishwashers and Liner of Envelopes,
I’m taking the University of Utah head on. I can’t afford to lose you.

Dear Conley Twins
Confession: sometimes it’s still hard to differentiate.

Dear Office Brother,
Deep down on the inside I know that you love when I …
· Chat your ear off
· Make you listen to Michael Bolton
· Sing along at the top of my lungs to Elton John
· Volunteer you as a dance partner in the TA reenactment of Saved by the Bell’s “the sprain”
· Read the Merriam-Webster word of the day aloud for your knowledge and enjoyment
So, you’re welcome!

Dear Coworker Who Seems Never to Grasp the Concept of a Runner,
It would seem that you’ve managed to avoid receiving or recognizing the dissemination of the memos explaining the hiring and utilization of the TA runner- the person whom we pay to run errands. Should you not plan ahead for meetings in the future, please know that one Jake Featherstone -Account Coordinator and Writer Extraordinaire- and myself- Central Coordinator and Manager of Things Publically Related- will NOT be running YOUR errands.

*the views and opinions expressed in the afore mentioned post of those only of Noelle Nicolai, and not of Jake Featherstone, writer extraordinaire. (although I’m sure he would feel the same way if you asked him, but he made me include a disclaimer)


Rachel Ricchio said...

si, parlo italiano! i have an internship in siena this spring/summer and I am sooo excited.

never tried spoon me, but heard great things about it. i'm thinking i should take a trip out to slc.

Brittmae said...

I love runners...love them...going to really miss them when I go back to school. Oh--and we never got a save-the-date, which makes me think that maybe you don't have our current address, or maybe our apt. # wasn't on it (not that I am blaming you, my MOTHER still makes this mistake, which always seems to be kind of condescending in that yeah--that is right, you dont' have a house, so you have to have that extra address line...funny.)

Email me and I will give it to you! Please! Your invitations look to die for and I want to see them and feel them and experience them in all respects! Thanks...Britt.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you re-posted with visuals

Rachel Ricchio said...

deal on being friends. i like the idea.

Sono di Orange County. I miei bisgnoni sono di Cosenza. Sei di New York, no? Che divertente!

Abbiamo bisogno parlare piu!