Apr 7, 2008

Dear Early Monday Morning,

Dear Engagement Photos,

It was 40 degrees and unbearably windy. The sunshine was intermittent and I was fairly certain that Matt and I would come away with nothing mail-worthy. (Despite the inherent talent of the wonderful photographer Matt Clayton and the 2 1/2 hours of picture-taking he did for us). A glimmer of hope came this morning, when I visited the photographer's website and saw this - the soon-to-be-Lybberts in all of our smooching glory. Here's hoping there is an equally cute shot where our identities are, well... identifiable! Looking forward to your proofs.


Dear Office Tulips,
I swear you've grown 2 inches over the weekend. On this, a most rainy and miserable Monday, you bring some much-needed cheer to my desk. I love you- and the boy who delivered you.

Dear Sweatshirts to Work,

Yes, that's right, sweatshirts to WORK! I adore you. I adore you on mornings when the sun has yet to rise and the heat has yet to fill my room. I adore you on mornings when I wake up to 6 inches of snow on the car. I adore you in the rain. I adore you when I'm tired. Working in the outskirts of SLC isn't all that bad. To make sure that 1. you never lose your novelty and 2. I don't lose my fashion edge - I'll limit our together time.

See you next week,



Rachel Ricchio said...
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Rachel Ricchio said...

dear noelle,

true or false, your engagement pictures are gorgeous?! TRUE! love the anthro sailor sweater....i just might have that too.

Garrett and Becky said...

awesome, awesome, AWESOME engagement pics! just a tee bit jealous of how great you guys look, i must say! hope everything is going well!!!