Apr 9, 2008

Dear JaJa,
Thanks for the ride to the office today. The MN airport isn't a personal fav- neither is the lack of sun and warmth- but you sure lightened that up. I'm so glad you made it out of Somalia, and hope you're family is doing well in Kenya. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the economy gets better, so you can stop being a taxi driver and start putting that international business degree to work. Drive safely!

Dear Minneapolis,
What's so twin about you - the matching duo of misery and grey skies? I'd much prefer the happy trio of sunshine, blue skies and spring flowers. Think about it.

Dear New York,


laura said...

I just talked to New York, and it says it's excited to see you. Also, your blog picture is adorbs.

Morgan said...

dear anti-MN blogger-

i agree with your assessment 100%. there was a reason i left the day after i graduated from high school. and there is still a reason for me never to return.

ps. the trio you refer to is even better in CA. think about it.

Katherine said...

remember how incredibly much you loved the rousing game of "which bed did kat sleep in last night?" at 4:30 this morning?

miss yer guts.

Christy said...

ps...i love your pictures, and reading your blog, i wish mine was as clever as yours.