Apr 3, 2008

Dear A Lot on My Mind,

Dear Salt Lake,
I know I’ve been here for a little too long because….
1. I suddenly feel my little SUV is inadequate - the only way to handle Utah weather and geography is behind the wheel of a Subaru
2. I’m uncomfortable being at a gym where there are men who check me out, as I’ve grown accustomed to the Sugarhouse 24-hour and the alternative lifestyles that work out there
3. Who needs bagels when you have taco trucks?
4. I’m starting to feel like the streets of NY are too busy
5. I’ve started to let my hair air dry, forsaken make up, and feel that Patagonia fleeces are what the cool kids wear (what happened to me?)

Dear New York,
I know I’ve been away from you for too long because….
1. Sette Bello - in downtown SLC- is good pizza
2. Costco makes a pretty good bagel
3. 4 inches of snow really isn’t THAT much (when school used to be cancelled for 2)
4. I no longer use left and rights- rather cardinal directions – when navigating
5. Yiddish and Italian colloquialisms have been replaced by Mormon jargon

Dear Spaniard,
I’ve been notified that my blog was accessed from Europe. Please reveal yourself, as my curiosity is nearly intolerable.

Dear Founding Fathers,
The HBO series retelling the travels and tales of John Adams, has generated within me a great amount of appreciation for the sacrifices you made- your time, your talents, your families, your lives to build our nation. Today, an over-indulged and under-educated brood of “entitleds” seem to have forgotten how recently (speaking relatively in a historical sense) you labored on our behalves. Your devotion to building a nation founded on the freedom of speech and religion has yielded an insight that resonates with me…

"The idols of today are unmistakable -- self-esteem without effort, fame without achievement, sex without consequences, wealth without responsibility, pleasure without struggle and experience without commitment." -Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

What of education? Community? Faith? Service? Love? It seems we have sacrificed those idols –better yet, ideals- in the pursuit of instant gratification; fame, sex, wealth and pleasure. A little patience would go a long way - ironic coming from me. Despite this, The United States of America, remains to be an ensign to the world- holding on in some way, to the ideals which inspired you. Perhaps to some Americans, you’ve been reduced to profiles on our value-plummeting currency. To this American, you are heroes. I've been ungrateful. My sincerest apologies. Thank you.

With patriotic admiration,


Morgan said...

dear funny blogger-

newsflash for you. the cool kids still aren't wearing patagonia fleeces. even if you were at a phish show when you came to this conclusion.

ps. birkenstocks aren't cool either regardless of how many times you have passed the phish bowl.

Matt said...

That's my girl

Rachel Ricchio said...
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Rachel Ricchio said...

you might think this is so weird because i have no idea who you are , but I think you are absolutely adorable!! It must be because you are a) italian and b) so classy i'm jealous.

April 3, 2008 8:41 PM