Mar 19, 2008

Dear Coming Together Swimmingly,

Dear Swiss Dot Wedding Cake,
Dear Brideshead Revisited- Penelope Veil,
Dear Sugar Cookies,
Dear D'orsay Satin Heels,
Dear Tejani Gold Bangle,
Dear Vermeil Earrings,
Dear Karisa Winkel Custom-designed Invites,
Dear Matthew Clayton,
Dear Duston Todd,

Thank you. I love you all and can't wait to see you on June 27th.

The Less-Stressed Bride

Dear Bridesmaid Dresses,
where are you? and exactly what did you mean when you said 9-21 business days? It's been 6 FULL weeks.

Your Customer Service Department's WORST Nightmare

1 comment:

lindsaylark said...

Still no dresses?!