Mar 15, 2008

Dear Broken Back,

Dear Ruptured Lumbar Disc that Causes Unimaginable Back Pain,
If you promise to stop I'll promise to stop doing things like:
  • trying to replicate the Dirty Dancing lift at the end of the movie with my roommate Kristine
  • helping MP move out of Bella Casa and carrying heavy pieces of furniture
  • moving an awkward QUITE heavy bookshelf up a walk-up in Manhattan
  • attending Kick Boxing and Yoga classes concurrently

And for added bonus- I'll do my daily exercises to make sure you stay in place and don't explode again. I'd really like for these sharp neuro pains to stop shooting down my legs. I'd really like to sleep in a bed rather than on the floor with my knees at a 90' angle. I'd really like to be able to stand up straight rather than hunched at a 45' angle, like an elderly man. I'd really really like to return to the gym or at least to walk without discomfort.

I'm always down for a deal - so let me know what you think of these arrangements. Until then, I'll continue popping maximum doses of ibuprofen.

wishing I was never a gymnast who suffered a typical injury at the age of 7,



Sarah Larsen said...

oh no!

Kelsey Nixon said...

i'm very concerned

Kent Breard III said...

The small consolation is that my bookcase looks great and I owe it all to you!