Feb 11, 2008

Dear Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,

Dear President Monson (endearingly called "Tommy M" by the relatives I have who know you much better than I),

Remember when I was rushing out of my doctor's appointment because the wait was ridiculously long and I needed to get back to work and I was fiddling with my scarf trying to find my car keys and I bumped into the tall gentleman in a dark suit in front of me?

Remember when I fumbled around him and let some half-hearted "excuse me" fall from my lips AND then I saw his face and realized... I JUST BUMPED INTO THE PROPHET- literally?!? Remember when I did a triple take and wanted to go back and give you a hug, but was too embarrassed to do so? Remember when everything in me knew you were the prophet and my guts smiled with excitement? I remember... I also remember working up the courage to introduce myself, only to see you be swept away in a black sedan.

I'm writing you a real letter and sending it to your office. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

With fondest affection and admiration, promising never to bump into you while fiddling with my scarf again,

Noelle R. Nicolai

1 comment:

lyndsey + brandon said...

omg are you serious??? dang what doctor do YOU go to...sign me up! or i'd also be interested in sitting outside all day long hoping to see pres. monson :)