Feb 12, 2008

Dear Miracles of Materialism,

Dear Hair,
Please grow.

Dear Tan,
It'd be great if you would manifest yourself without the help of a 20-minute power nap under the lights. I'd like to mitigate the cancerous effects of former bad habits.

Dear Dollars,
Ever read strega nonna? How about I put you in a pasta pot and you multiply exponentially? Here's the thing... I'd like get Matt a KILLER wedding watch.

Dear Snow,

Dear Sun,
Annie said you'd come out tomorrow... despite the severe weather warning that's in efffect, I'm counting on you.

Dear Cookies,
Any chance you'll decide to give me a freebee and suddenly zap those calories I inhaled to zero?

Dear Size 2 jeans I once wore (circa 2001),
I know I'm 5'7'' and maybe you're not the "recommended" size for my height... but you looked so good on me once upon a time. I've quite literally doubled in size. Any chance you'll let me in this week?

Dear Non-Existent,
Any chance you could exist?

1 comment:

laura said...

If by "doubled in size" you mean that you're complaining about being a size 4, you can just cry me a freaking river.