Feb 6, 2008

Dear Future-Fiances of the World,
Since you've probably never been a fiance before, I thought you could benefit from some tips on how to be the best finace in the world...

1. After an incredibly busy week in which your soon-to-be-wife got nothing practical accomplished, wash and fold the five loads of laundry she left (dirty) at your place and deliver them to her the next day.
2. Surprise her with gorgeous lime-green roses (cause red would be too cliche) for her to make a centerpiece from, when you know she's entertaining. not only will she LOVE them and you, but whenever anyone asks she can beam with pride and say "My fiance got them for me."
3. Show up with just because gifts like the Ikea lamp she had been coveting.
4. Get a gym pass so that you and your fiance can go to the gym together, and she feels supported in her fitness endeavors- even if you have skied a full day and you're way too tired to even think about lifting your legs again.
5. LOVE the china she picks out, or at least say you do!
6. Warm up cards for 5:30 am departures, take out the garbage, help address save-the-date cards ... and most importantly
7. Give her lots of "sweet tenders" and "something nices" ... I mean lots....

At least, that's what my fiance does, and it's working for him. Good luck to you and your future wife. Hope it works out.



valerie said...

you guys are so cute, it's almost nauseating...one day i hope to have the same affect on people...can't wait until 06.27.08

kimmy girl said...

tender. matty wins.