Feb 5, 2008

Dear Paved with Gold,

Dear Life of Noelle Regina Nicolai,
It's almost unfair how wonderful you've been. It would seem that the yellow brick road turns to gold before I take each step. Wedding planning has its trials and tribulations (does an adorable, figure-flattering, tricep-concealing bridesmaid gown exist? why does Fortunoff not carry the covered vegetable dish for the Vera Wang fine china i've selected to dine on for the rest of my life? how come hydrangeas wilt so easily?) but somehow a luxury-filled, sun-drenched, beachside honeymoon fell into our laps ... free of charge. So thank you to Gianni and Nicki who are supplying the 24kt bricks to my journey.

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Shannon C. said...

okay, please stop because that is heaven! You will be so excited to finally get there and visions of flowers and china will be far behind you...