Jan 18, 2008

Dear Like Every Other Bride-to-Be,

Dear "Natural Man,"

I'm doing my best to put you off. I'm trying not to be like every other bride-to-be:
- obsessing over wedding plans and ideas
- boring anyone who crosses my path with details of the celebration surrounding the forthcoming nuptials
- thinking and speaking only of myself
- blogging only about wedding updates and events ...

It seems that you, in the form of Bridezilla, exist within each of us. I however, will not succomb. I will not forget that my friends and coworkers have lives and issues to discuss. I will not spend the majority of my workday searching for dresses, bouquet ideas, invitations and photographers (anymore).
Exhibit A: While skyping today- yes, it's a verb- Valerie suggested that I chose our lunch destination, because "I'm the one getting married." Although her gesture is most greatly appreciated, it only feeds the inner engaged ego. I replied "Stop coddling Noelle."

Having said all that....

Event planning - especially planning my own event- is just as glamorous as I dreamed it would be. Save the Date cards have been ordered. Preview below:

No - navy and orange are not the official colors. Since that has yet to be determined Matt and I picked a card entirely unrelated to the event. Mark your calendars.


kimmy girl said...

they are AMAZING!!!!! i dont know if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but navy is it for this coming year.

Niels and Susie Jensen said...

Love them!

Brittmae said...

Oh...I love it....so you! Great find on the invite girl...her stuff looks fabulous and I have no doubts that your taste and style will not disappoint.

Hey--Mike and I have a blog now too...VERY new..


Love you! Good luck with all of the wedding details, if you want to "bore me"...go ahead.