Jan 17, 2008

Dear Engagement

Dear Happily-Ever-After,
I'm on my way.

Dear Donors of Unsolicited Marriage Advice,
I'm so glad your son decided to have the reception the day after the wedding, your niece had her engagements done in scenic southern Utah, or that you think Matt and I shouldn't be alone, sit on the same piece of furniture or allow our lips to touch for more than 3 consecutive seconds. Please, by all means, KEEP IT COMING.

Dear Ever-so-Sparkly Diamond Ring,
I've admired you from a distance for months. I don't care that you've been featured on pg. 327 of Janury's InStyle Weddings magazine and now everyone will think I'm unoriginal - you're perfect and unique and totally me. - and for the record- I loved you first.

Dear Future Wedding Reception Attendants,
Trust me when I tell you that the party will be worth the $270.00 Delta ticket.

Dear Wedding Dress Designers,
With the rampant obesity rates in America, you'd think you'd design a dress that conceals a tricep or 2. Are sleeves really too much to ask? Not that I'm obese, but a little more coverage would be a lot more appreciated. Thanks to those who understand that a cap is classy, like Carolina Herrera:


valerie said...

any ticket price would be worth it

Dansie Family said...

noelle. i saw your blog address on your facebook so i've been checking it out. i love this post. congrats by the way! (i won't be giving any advice, especially to not sit on the same piece of furniture! please tell me no one has told you that!)

Marisa said...

Hey Noelle! Love the ring--I have an oval cut too, and they are the best. As for the unsolicited advice, yeah, that is annoying. Nothing you can do about it though; it seems like everyone has to put in their 2 cents.

becca said...

good thing i'm already in new york.

Kent Breard III said...

I am some advice about getting married. My first wedding it was all about her and what she wanted and how everything had to be perfect and nothing about what I wanted or had in my mind.. mind you she proposed to me so I thought I could be the one to plan it, turns out I was wrong... we had a great honeymoon, 3 days after and well.. things did not work out.. My second and favorite wedding was nice and peaceful and it was more loving than ceremonial.. too bad I did not really know the girl and she turned out to be a homicidal lunatic... Wedding three was again more pageantry than I would have liked, but again, it goes to show you that girls get what they want and I get nothing, well nothing but what is promised to me.. sons.. So now I have 2 boys, both of which were of age for my forth wedding, This time my parents and family did not bother coming because they knew it would not last. They were right, but now I have added a lovely dog to the family and we are doing ok. Of course my 5th and final wife took the dog, and my sons from my third marriage because apparently I am the one who is Crazy and all these girls breaking off my marriages were in the right. So life as a single 24 year old is good. I am looking for number 6, but that is my lucky number so I am excited. I can give you a lot of planning advice if you need it.


love and congratulations

Erika said...

People should read this.