Jan 22, 2008

Dear Appreciation,

Dear Appreciation,
I thought I'd let you know why I have you, and want to keep you:
1. great roommates who do things like make delicious dip for a house-warming party and shovel the sidewalk after 6 inches of snow
2. 24 gorgeous limey yellow roses arranged on the dining room table ever so Martha Stewartly
3. a pillow top mattress that hugs me EVERY night
4. a fiance that shows up with ikea surprises, flowers, and leaves notes in excel spreadsheets i'm working on
5. hot showers
6. coworkers that love to go out to lunch and gab as much as i do
7. sisters who write me daily emails about the wedding so i'm on schedule
8. priscilla of boston
9. hugs from luci cat when i go home to NY
10. arm workouts that make it hard to wash your hair the next day

Those are just some. Stick around, I like having you.

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