Mar 18, 2012

i should be sleeping...

i should be sleeping, but instead i'm mentally arranging furniture that 1) i don't own you or 2) is not even close to being finished, in the apartment we move into April 1.

 (like cobalt blue dressers and silver-leafed nightstands)

i should be sleeping, but instead i'm looking at pictures of the fitness facility at the hotel in Shanghai, because other than being in China, i'm excited about having easy access to a 24-hour gym.

(have you tried Gap's new workout gear? It's pretty great - and hitting the neon trend on the head)

i should be sleeping but instead i'm searching pinterest for ways to grow out a pixie. RUBI, are you out there? i have a feeling you know the answer ... 

i should be sleeping but i'm checking airfare JUST to see if maybe we could squeeze in some time in london in the coming months. (not even close to being an option...) 

i should be sleeping but i'm blogging - and tomorrow i'm certain i'll regret this! 


Rebecca Smylie said...

Let me know as soon as you figure out the whole "growing out a pixie" thing. Things are pretty ugly around here.

rubi said...

bowl cut.