Mar 15, 2012


it amazes me that i got married.
the difficulty i had choosing a couch highlighted some serious commitment issues. lucky for us, it didn't feel like SUCH a commitment (the couch, not marriage!)  if you've been to RH, you may have even sat on it, which is precisely why we get to take it home for a basement bargain price.

other than that, my life lately has been packing, working, and frantically finishing some DIY projects. we're moving out of hotel nicolai in 2 weeks. and even though it wasn't our plan to stay at home for 6+ months after leaving london, it's been 99% wonderful. 

i'm going to miss ... 
(in no particular order) 
  • playing with stella 
  • my mom's delicious dinners on the table when i get home from work
  • group american idol watching 
  • cuddling with luci cat 
  • forgetting my laundry in the dryer and finding it magically folded on my bed the next day
  • dancing with anton
  • the general hustle and bustle of 8 people in one house
  • evening walks in this magical rural suburbia
  • my tailor in town - she really is the greatest
i'm not going to miss ... 
  • jim cramer's mad money on FULL BLAST 
  • stella playing without me and with her drum set in the early morning
  • not being able to put my clothes in the dryer because there are 3 loads of other people's laundry ahead of mine in queue 
  • sleeping downstairs, but getting dressed / ready upstairs 
  • luci cat sneaking in to cuddle / ask to be fed at 4:00am 
  • the general noise and bother of 8 people in the same house
  • compromising on which ice cream flavors to buy 
  • feeling obligated to wear clothes around the house


nerak said...

i vaguely remember what having a clothes dryer is like... :)

khill said...

Love the couch. Good luck with the move!

Brad and Danielle said...

Love this couch! I looked at it so many times in our search for a living room couch (and still searching). Glad you got it for a bargain because this one was WAY out of my price range for one piece of furniture.

So where are you moving to now??

Elle Keeps Moving said...

that couch is crazy awesome. funny, jared is dumpster diving behind the old RH in trolley square as we speak. they moved to city creek and they threw away TONS of brand new stuff because they couldn't move it. fingers crossed that couch is in there. :)

Jenny said...

beautiful couch! I can totally relate to couch indecision because it took us almost a year to shop for the leather one we finally settled on.

you guys are so adventurous to move all over the place! good luck on your next adventure!