Dec 10, 2011


channeled my innter 16-year-old and went with kelsey to sing along to taylor swift at MSG. highlight of the evening - james taylor joining her on stage (which made me feel not so 16 anymore.)
erica threw a birthday breakfast - spoiled us with bagels, bacon and birthday presents. i came away feeling like 28 is going to be a VERY good year with these little lovelies on my feet, something shiny on my wrist and a little something to drive to work in. 

we've been sleeping. a lot. like 8-12 hours a  night. that all changes january 3 when we start our new jobs. (ooooooh right..... forgot to mention......  that job i got months ago? i decided to look for something less secretary, more strategic. and i found it. i'm a marketing and communications manager for a large hotel company. and could not be happier about it.) 

jake and aubry got married. we're thrilled about the union, but sad the wedding is over.  round 2 at their reception in washington later this month.


Teri said...

I see Matt sleeps with his two favorite things: you and his iphone.

Alissa said...

What kind of boots are those? I love them. Get in my closet.

noelle regina said...

boots are FRYE Melissa - Matt got them for 40% off on Amazon's cyber monday deal. and i LOVE them. so comfy.

Smith, Here! said...

Lets get Greece on the books :)

valerie said...

YAY! I'm so happy for you and all of your recent favorite things. You're one of my favorite things!