Oct 29, 2011


I usually abstain from all things political, but in light of recent news, I'd like to nominate John "Papa John" Schnatter as another GOP presidential candidate.

He's just qualified as Herman Cain. And Papa John's is better than Godfather's pizza. (and as an italian-american, i'm offended by the idea that pizza eating paesanos are mafioso.)

And if all it takes to become president is owning a small pizza chain, I'd like to get in on the action.  I  started this blog and would like to be the next President & CEO of Kate Spade.  I'll give away a free Papa John's pizza with every purchase.

God Bless America. Pizza. and Kate Spade. 
but Hermain Cain? really?

1 comment:

Jana said...

thank you. this is the best blog post ever. i'd absolutely vote you to be lead Kate Spade. not only does this blog qualify you (you are consistent and have a very loyal following), but i really think you've earned it.