Oct 26, 2011

how to have the best time ever for almost nothing...

1. sign up to get free tickets for you and all your friends to the nate berkus show. 

2. get all dolled up. they ask you to and they mean it. a little extra effort could pay off...

3. get upgraded to the VIP section. because matt is so handsome, they scribbled 3 little letters on our tickets that meant WAY BETTER SEATS.

 4. sit inches away from handsome nate. 

5. win free things. like cookbooks and gift cards.

6. laugh endlessly at dena the comedian / audience coordinator. no really, she is hysterical.

7. have lunch at cafeteria. it's ALL delicious. 

(8. and maybe stop by anthropologie after. it's just around the corner.) 

we had such a great time ... i might sign up to see nate every day. 

total cost: NOTHING.
2 hours of waiting (cancelled out by the 2 hours of laughing)
train fare (more than doubled our earnings with two $50 gift cards, THANKS NATE) 
lunch money (calling this one even for all the great lunches i'll make with the cookbook we were gifted)

they say we'll be on in 2 weeks. i already set the DVR. 
(the fame's already gone to my head, just call me noelle the narcissist.)


Elle Keeps Moving said...

i was just thinking about how much i miss going to random television shows in california. so fun. good work getting bumped up. they can't afford to have people as good-looking as you guys in the back.

mandy said...

so jealous. my mom went to the view and won a coffee maker and hated rosie. glad you loved it

nerak said...

you. look. darling.

Kathryn said...

This is awesome...only you Noelle! You are already a STAR!

Jenny said...

that sounds so fun! i'm jealous (but happy for you)! i wish i could watch nate every day but i rarely do, so i'm excited to have a good excuse in 2 weeks to watch!