Aug 1, 2011

one foot in, one foot out

here we are.
in new york.
living an uneventful suburban life.

i can't bring myself to change the header.
or the title of the blog for that matter.
i gave up "dear _____" ages ago and i no longer live in london, but "dear life, i live with my parents" doesn't seem nearly as awesome.

it's been 6 days since we left london and just as predicted, the whole adventure feels like a distant dream. the kind where you wake up and think "wow, that seemed SO real."  were it not for photographic evidence (and adorable friends who send us "we miss you" reminders like this) i'd seriously question the veracity of our year abroad.

[kate and tim were real sad when they strolled by our stoop]

but there are lots of great things about new york.
luci cat.
babies who cuddle.
bigger babies who jump on the bed with us. 
free rent. 
great pizza. 

it's been a busy few days. between trips to rocky's deli for world's greatest italian club and long walks with matt through my sleepy little town, i've squeezed in five job interviews (wish me luck), two food-filled days in boston at my big fat italian family reunion, and seven hours of unpacking nine suitcases. matt writes his dissertation. and life marches on.  

i had my first london moment the other day on the way home from bloomingdale's, or maybe it was jet lag. (oh yes, i forgot to mention i made time for a bloomingdale's trip with sister. priorities people...) temporarily confused by which lane i should drive in, i swerved back and forth trying to decide which felt right and neither did. which is exactly how i feel lately: one foot in new york and one out in london and neither feels quite right. maybe we should just move to austin? i think i'd really like texas...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you aren't excited to be back in Pleasantville...I'm sure your next adventure will happen faster then you expect...Until then walk over to Romer Ave and check out the changes to the high school. It is going to be 10 years come this June...What ever happened to high school reunions?...If you ever need a shopping buddy or someone to walk and talk with or someone to just listen to you talk..I'm always around....

Us Three and Daisy B said...

So glad you are back in the states safe and sound. I bet it felt like a dream. Lucky for you though, you were able to experience the things you did. I'm sure your family is very glad you are back in town. Good luck with the job interviews and keep that blog going. It's very entertaining and good to know what you are up to. Maybe "Dear Life in New York" would work? Enjoy and best wishes!

kate gunning said...

i love you. i miss you. call it dear life in new york. seriously. cannot. believe. i started crying in yoga last night.

nerak said...

i laughed when i saw target made the list. but that is so so accurate. love you, miss you, excited to read all about your new adventures. because adventures WILL be had. i'm sure of it.

Alison said...

i think "dear life I live with my parents" would actually be the best thing ever, and it would get you likability points!

because you know I LOVE YOU, but it's kind of hard to like you when your blog mostly consists of trips to france, lisbon, the london high life, your skinny butt, sassy hair, stylish parties, teaching the word of God to celebrities....are you picking up what I'm putting down?

us little people need something to relate to.