Aug 6, 2011

i've been busy...

it has been a whirlwind week in new york.
did we even live in london?

we're officially moved in with frank and al in [b]estchester, 25 miles from the city i love/hate. we're getting lots of family time in. family dinners. family movies. family trips to costco. family trips to boston. and epic 7-hour family dates that start with a movie on 34th, dinner on 24th, and end in a comedy club on 26th.

i've also wiggled my way into the city for five+ job interviews, spent some quality time with these lifelong friends, and babysat for the cutest kids in america.

[we took stella to the park to play.]

i've been to target. bed bath & beyond. anthropologie. jcrew. bloomingdales. costco. and countless other temples to consumer-eity. i've eaten chinese food, pizza, deli sandwiches, bagels and diet coke to my heart's content. [welcome back pounds] i've trained, subwayed, taxied, walked and driven all over NYC. 

[color coding matt's shirts was actually very enjoyable]

and today, after organizing closets for something like 6 hours, we walked around the Rockefeller estate,  hit up a little movie theater for midnight in paris, made bubby's sour cream pancakes for dinner and now i'm applying to 20+ marketing / comms jobs on [well, technically RIGHT NOW i'm avoiding applying to 20 jobs by blogging]


nerak said...

was midnight in paris good? it's on my list to see. i need to see a GOOD movie -- last week we saw super 8 and it was the single worst film i've ever seen. (maybe that's an overstatement, but yup, it's up there).

anyways, you're list of shopping destinations turned me positively GREEN with envy. enjoy it for me!!

scheid family said...

Your life is wild. Your blog is amazing. I love you... and can't believe you have already left me for the states. oxxoxo :)