Jul 22, 2011

words cannot express.

there are not words for how much i hate moving.
don't fully convey the feelings of disgust and sheer dread. i'd rather have my blood taken. i'd rather eat shell fish and suffer weeks of hives and steroid treatments. i'd rather do anything. actually, i'd rather not move at all.

I HATE IT - rage inducing, angry face, knots in my back from stress HATE.  one might think that our propensity for relocation (4 times in 4 years) would make one accustomed to the process. one is wrong.

moving is like an allergic reaction with each subsequent move being far worse than the previous. not just the leaving an established life, great friends or a great place ...

the days of cleaning out cupboards, throwing things away, packing boxes, packing suitcases, calling utility companies, tying up loose ends, emptying trash, filling trash, emptying trash, taking inventory of what's really worth bringing on the relocation, emptying trash again, washing bedding, ironing bedding, packing bedding - i can not do another day of this.

let the record show, that noelle regina nicolai lybbert, on this the 22 on july in the two-thousandth and eleventh year refuses to move. ever. again.

looks like we'll be staying in new york for the long haul.
(if we make it to new york.)


laura said...

Ugh, moving sucks even when you WANT to do it. Sorry you have to do it but good luck with everything!

Us Three and Daisy B said...

I don't know how you do it. Great words to describe your true feelings. I'm sad you have to leave London and THE COMPANY, but I hope there are no more moves in your near future. Hang in there and make sure to play good music while you are packing. It truly helps! Good luck!

Marisa said...

I see your 4x in 4 years, and raise you my 8x in 5 years (and likely soon to be 9). And people often wonder why I'm so unsentimental toward possessions.

Marci Joy said...

I'm sorry love.

kimmy girl said...

just remember how much FUN moving IN is. Finding new ways to arrange furniture. buying new pictures to fill the walls. Calling a new place home. CANT wait!

angelique said...

I hope this doesn't mean you plan on living with Mom and Dad permanently - that's my job

can't wait to see you soon

Brad and Danielle said...

I completely agree - the moving process gets worse each time you move. Good luck though. I'm sorry things haven't worked out (yet - keeping my fingers crossed for you for your miracle in the next couple days).