Jul 24, 2011

leaving london.

today was a hard day. we said goodbye to many of our wonderful friends here in london. and those friends said some really nice things. and wrote some really nice cards. and sent some really nice emails. and gave some really nice gifts. and all that niceness was bound to make us cry.

we have about 72 more hours for that london miracle to come through. i'm still hopeful.
isn't hyde park magical?


Us Three and Daisy B said...

How hard for you...I wish you could stay in London longer too. I love seeing the country vicariously through you. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Cherish the great moments and the opportunity. Thanks for sharing your Life in London with us. Safe and happy travels!

nerak said...

glad we could share one last romantic pink sunset london sky! and mexican food. and gelato. and a failed boris bike attempt.

super magical. :)

see you next week!!!

Magen said...

So this might be completely odd being that I am a complete stranger, but I've been reading your blog for sometime now. (Promise I'm not a crazy person..I found the link on a friends blog)I too spent a wonderful year in the UK for grad school. I remember how terribly hard it was for me to leave that great place and really resenting every European who could have their pick of awesome cities to live in. But London will always be there and lucky for us British chocolate isn't to hard to find in the States. Best of Luck!